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[PROFILE] Ladies Code’s Members Profile



Stage Name: Ashley
Real Name : Choi Bi Na (최빛나)
Nickname : Global Code
Birthdate : 1991.11.09
Height : 166cm Weight : 48kg
Position : Leader & Sub-Vocal
She is from New York, USA.
She was a student of Miae (from Chullie and Miae)
Misc. Info: She used to cover K-pop dances on her YouTube channel, ashleych0i

525335_342836365816341_829224987_nSo Jung

Stage Name: So Jung
Real Name : Lee Sojung (이소정)
Nickname : Funky Code
Birthdate : 1993.09.03
Education: Dankook University
Height : 162cm Weight : 43kg
Position : Main Vocal
Contestant of ‘Voice Korea’


Ri Se

Stage Name: Ri Se
Real Name : Kwon Risae (권리세)
Birthplace : Tokyo, Japan
Nickname : Pure Code
Birthdate : 1991.08.16
Education : Seikang University
Height : 164cm Weight : 45kg
Position : 
Contestant of ‘Birth Of Great Star’
‘Married’ to ‘Birth Of Great Star’ David Oh in We Got Married
She was trainee in Keayest Ent.
Model for dENIZEN with Jay Park and Brhas Pati
Skills: Dance
Favorite Singer: Beyonce, Misia, Big Mama, Big Bang
Favorite Genre: R&B
CFs: LG Optimus 3D with David Oh (2011) || LEVIS DENIM with Jay Park (2011)
Misc. Info: Won Miss Korea Pageant (2009 Japan)


Stage Name: EunB
Real Name : Go Eun Bi (고은비)
Nickname : Lovely Code
Birthdate : 1992.11.23
Height : 164cm Weight : 44kg
Position : Sub Vocal
Misc. Info: SBS news anchor Kim Sung Joon is her in-law


Stage Name: Zunny
Real Name : Kim Joo Mi (김주미)
Nickname : Pretty Chic Code
Birthdate : 1994.12.08
Height : 164cm Weight : 44kg
Position : Sub-Vocal, Maknae (youngest)
Skills: Acting

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[NEWS] RiSe of Ladies’ Code reveals she lost 15 pounds for her debut


Member Rise of Ladies Code opened up about her excitement to be returning to the public after her last appearance on MBC‘s ‘Birth of a great star‘ two years ago.

RiSe recently participated in an interview with OSEN and shared, “My heart was filled with determination and I was prepared for this. I worked really hard, I improved a lot, and I worked on my pronunciation a lot as well. I was happy to see Noh Ji Joon make his debut last year, but I also wanted to prepare quickly and make my own debut. I have not been able to go back home in Japan for the  past six months. But when I told my family, ‘I am finally making my debut’, they were so happy for me. During ‘Birth of A Great Star’, I felt uncomfortable and pressured by people recognizing me, so I became determined and trained for two years.”

Rise also revealed that she lost 7 kg (~15 lbs.) for her debut stating, “I am currently 46 kg (~101 lbs.). I worked out a lot and controlled my diet.”

RiSe was previously a part of Key East Entertainment and then moved to Polaris Entertainmentwhere she joined her current group and finally made her debut as a member of Ladies’ Code.



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Ladies’ Code reveal their debut pictorial for HIGH CUT




Girl group Ladies’ Code revealed their debut pictorial even before making their debut.

Ladies’ Code introduced themselves through a pictorial for the star style magazine ‘High Cut’, which will be published on March 7.

The five members of Ladies’ Code comprises of MBC ‘Great Birth’ contestant Kwon RiSe, Mnet ‘Voice of Korea’ final 8 contestant Lee Sojung, Ashley, EunB, and Zunny.

In the pictorial revealed on March 6, the members are seen wearing sashes on their body with their names written on it while sending their shy greetings as they are in a beauty pageant.

The concept for this pictorial was innocent and cheerful young girls. The members wore outfits of sweet candy colors like pink, mint, yellow, lime and sky blue to display their girlish styles.

Ladies’ Code’s full pictorial will be published in the 97th issue of ‘High Cut’. Their unreleased photos will be available online at www.highcut.co.kr.

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[NEWS] Exciting new girl group Ladies’ Code introduces their ‘bad guys’ in 1st MV group teaser


Ladies Code  has been dazzling with high-quality solo teasers.  The quintet has now revealed their first group music video teaser for debut track, “Bad Girl“.

Members RiSeSojungZunyAshley, and EunB, introduce the five ‘bad guys’ who have broken their hearts making each into a “Bad Girl”. The group show off very brief snippets of their choreography as well as scenes from the interesting looking plot.

The background music and saturated set design give the teaser a 50′s comic book movie vibe.  There are also what appear to be five outlandishly dressed “villains/ex-boyfriends” who will likely reflect the lyrics of the song.

Inexplicably for now, the group’s name is plastered on a boat in one scene.  It also looks like those guns from the solo clips were not just for teasing and will make an appearance in the full music video. All in all it doesn’t look like Ladies’ Code is sparing any expense with this music video, it looks sleek and fun.

The girls will be debuting on March 7th, are these MV teasers making you more excited?

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[NEWS] Ladies Code’s EunB has family ties in the industry


Ladies Code’s EunB is about to make her debut and naturally, rumors about the upcoming idol having ties in the broadcast industry piqued the interest of many.

Polaris Entertainment confirmed that it was true, as they stated, SBS news anchor Kim Sung Joonand EunB are in-laws. Anchor Kim showed special affection for EunB and looked after her since her childhood. He also gave EunB, who is about to make her debut in the entertainment industry, a lot of advice as a broadcast senior.”

You can catch anchor Kim Sung Joon on SBS’ ‘8 o’clock News‘. Meanwhile, Ladies’ Code will debut on March 7th!

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